It’s been said, “What’s a New Year without a New Day.”

Unlike a New Year, a “New Day” is a choice, and, of the highest quality. It’s a choice not just to pray daily, but throughout our day. It is choosing to forgive first and ask questions later, to stay encouraged about our future and courageous about releasing the past.

A New Day is deciding to dream more, believe more, receive more, doubt less, worry less, complain less and then GIVE. Give extravagantly. Give what only you can give…Your smile, Your hug, Your love.

2010 is not blessed, prosperous or otherwise. 2010 is what you make it. It’s 8760 hours waiting to be filled and fueled by the kind of person who believes that they are here on purpose, and they have all they need to fulfill that purpose. And I believe that person, is you.

I celebrate your life and your year of uncommon blessing!

Rev. Ralph D. Gerard
Ephesians 2:10